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DFYsuite 2.0 review

Video Transcript

hi guys it's Chris here with self-made new be calm welcome to this done-for-you suite 2.0 review now for those of you out there who are looking to get more traffic to your videos to your blog articles to your affiliate review sites or whatnot landing pages you'll know that there are really three kind of stages to SEO okay number one is you need to know how to find the right keywords then you have on-page SEO and then you have content syndication or backlinking which gives your site authority which helps you rank now the last one that backlinking and content syndication is the hardest to get done because you basically need to have your site your article your video featured on other high domain authority sites in order for Google to think that your content is worth ranking number one so done-for-you suite is going to take care of that problem for you it's going to within a couple clicks your mouse helped you to automatically syndicate your content on high domain authority sites so you can take care of that backlinking and take it from the hardest task to the easiest one so today we're gonna take a deep dive into done-for-you suite as well as that I've thrown in a bunch of bonus products that I believe are gonna go hand-in-hand with done-for-you suite act like cogs in a wheel and go all together to ensure that you are able to make money with done-for-you suite if you use dumb few suite and those other products in the right way so a lot of people are throwing out bonuses I'm sure 50 bonuses a hundred bonuses but they're completely unrelated to the product and they're completely not gonna they're completely gonna distract you okay the man who kept chases two rabbits catches not so we're gonna figure out how we can make money with done-for-you suite along with these other bonuses I've thrown in in order to work with it okay that are congruent with it so before we get into that drop a like on this video hit subscribe and turn on that Bell notification if you want to be updated with new product coming out like this that are gonna help to make your life easier with making money online also of any time during this video you want to jump ahead make sure you first click the link in the description it's crucial that you do that and the reason is you'll go through to my bonus page which looks like this the thing with my bonus page is it is integrated with the official done-for-you suite sales page website so what that means is if you click on any of these green buttons it locks in all those products before then sending you off to the Dom for you sweet page and if you do purchase it you'll not only get done for you sweet but you're gonna get all these necessary products in with it so you can accomplish this method that I'm going to talk about right now so the first bonus of thrown in is seven-figure mastery so if you're a beginner to making money online you need a program like this that is going to teach you the ins and outs of everything that goes into making money online from creating a blog affiliate marketing SEO copywriting Facebook Ads organic traffic everything everything is in here if you're not making money online and you don't know what you're doing you haven't done any fundamental training this is going to help you out done-for-you suite is going to help you to syndicate content but if you don't know why you're creating content or you haven't even chosen a niche or you don't even have a website then it's not really gonna help you you can't just make money with done for your suite you need to have something set up and you need to have something set up in the right way so you can use done-for-you suite as a tool in your tool belt in order to maximize the amount of traffic the amount of views that you're gonna get to your content to your business which is where the actual money is made bonus number two I've got a few goes deeper in on that it goes into affiliate marketing it's called a fleet marketing profit get affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online it just is it's the most passive way you can use affiliate marketing in all kinds of different contexts so this goes into how you can use affiliate marketing and use it we've done for you sweet so for example if I make a bit of content on my blog and I syndicated with Dom for you sweet and a lot of traffic is gonna go to my page and my page has affiliate links that are relevant to the content the more traffic I get the more likely people are gonna click on the links and the more people are gonna click on the links the more money you're gonna make okay that's really how it works it's a numbers game you can make your content really good that's the control you have but then it's a numbers game it's as much traffic as you can get it just gives you more opportunities to get clicks and get sales this is gonna go into how to use it freely at marketing in order to do that in order to take advantage of done-for-you sweet bonus number three builds on that there's a sales funnel optimization strategies so what I just talked about is a funnel okay the top of the funnel is using something like done-for-you sweets that works on the top of your funnel so that is going to get you the people into the top of your funnel by helping you rank okay when someone searches for something they you they usually only click on the top five listings I think something like 97% clicks on the top five okay and only 3% actually Scrolls so you're gonna rank how you're gonna get all the traffic they're gonna get funnel in they're gonna go to your content they're gonna click your affiliate links maybe they're gonna buy and if they buy you're gonna get their email and then you don't want to lose them because these are buying by oh this is by a traffic so then you get them into your email and then you can you know build a relationship with them nurture that list sell them something else and another good thing about having a funnel is that if something doesn't seem to be working maybe you get 3000 hits a day on your blog and make no sales then you know when you have a concept of what a funnel is you know exactly where the problem lies like oh my links are broken or that product no longer exists so then you change it if you're not getting sales through your emails people are reading your emails and you're not getting any more sales through there then you can figure it out you need to understand this concept of a sales funnel so you're not just selling something one time and then the customers gone okay you need to understand this this product goes into that and you this is this is your funnel is where your money is gonna be made down the line bonus number four builds on that so I've got list building on a budget so your email list is super important it will become important once you start making cells from the traffic that done for you sweet it's gonna get for you and I threw a million dollar copy because if you don't understand what copywriting is you need to know it it's really just language that helps you to sell language that compels people language that triggers emotions so you need copy in the content going out with done-for-you sweet you're gonna need copy in your content in a way in a certain way and you're gonna need copy in your emails okay so it's selling language if you don't understand the selling language this is a great product tea generate some cool titles teacher some sign language teacher some psychology and even teach you how to make a copywriting business if you're into that so bonus number five these are the vendor bonuses so those last four bonuses are the bonuses I believe is all you need to create a system to make money online with done-for-you sweet now the bonuses they're offering did you get agency rights to dump for your sweet so that means you can give logins to other people if you have a VA or whatever you know that's for you their second bonus is sub syndicator feature so if you want it all to be kind of done for you and you don't even want to use app you want other people to do things for you then you can buy that you can read the descriptions here of what their bonus is offer bonus number three automatic done for you video embeds so if you're more of a video person rather than a blog content person this might be for you just check out the description here and then we've got keyword bootcamp training and then we've got live client attraction bonus training perfect optimization blueprint as well down here so they're giving you six bonuses and a risk free hundred-percent money-back guarantee as well so great bonuses that they're offering in as well as mine if that all sounds good to you step one link in the description go to the bonus page lock in the bonuses with these green buttons that will send you off to the vendor sales page check it out look at testimonials check it all out make you more informed decision if you do decide to purchase you'll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this under the green button is done for you sweet - under the blue button all those bonuses so it's a big bundle easy peasy emails here if you have any problems keep you on this countdown timer because it is a launch week special so any bonuses are on offer will no longer be available when this runs out as well as any discounts which are on your screen right now that you can take advantage of so basically the sooner you get in the more you're gonna get for the less price so without further ado let's get into Dom for you sweet let's see how it works guys josh's are more here with a quick video to talk specifically about what is new in dump for you suite 2.0 okay so to show you exactly what changes we've made i'm going to come up here to create campaign and i'm gonna walk you through what we've done differently okay now the main the first big thing that we have done is we've doubled the sites and we've doubled our authority which pretty much doubles the ranking power that you get access to would dump for you sweet so on 1.0 you were able to depending on which package you purchased you were able to build be there between up to a hundred links per URL that you submit or up to 250 links per URL forever you are whether you submitted depending on which package you decided to go with okay if you go with our agency package you had a the ability to build up to 250 links okay if you went to our agency and a hundred on the front end now with 2.0 you'll be able to build up to 200 links per URL that you submit on the front end and if you pick up our agency + upgrade which is upgrade number one you'll be able to extend this all the way up to 500 ok and of course you do get the option to choose at 25 link increments as well so depending on the competition that you're targeting you'll always be able to choose at 25 link increments okay so if you purchase our agency license now again you'll be able to build up to 200 links per URL the per URL that you submit and if you purchase our upgrade number 1 you'll be able to increase that to 500 so that is upgrade that is feature 2.0 number 1 we've also doubled the platforms that we have that we syndicate your content on so before we have social syndication and weekly syndication and now we have added blogging syndication and also web 2.0 syndication okay so that doesn't show up here obviously because we handle all of that in the background so now we are syndicating to four different types of sites for you which pretty much doubles the variation and it pretty much dramatically increases your rankings as well because now you have a good variation of links that we are building okay so that is the update number two 2.0 update number three is also the ability to embed your YouTube videos across our network as well now if you've done any sort of video marketing or video ranking you know that getting your video embedded across multiple different sites is one of the secrets that many video marketers use to get some fast rankings ok it's not just about getting backlinks to your videos it's also about getting those videos embedded on different sites so now we are doing that for you as well and all you have to do is just supply your YouTube URL and we will take it from there we will embed your video on our network of web 2.0 WordPress and wiki sites as well ok and you'll be getting hundreds of video embeds which will skyrocket your rankings on both Google and YouTube okay that is upgrade 2.0 number three and upgrade number four is we've also put in here a full breakdown of our network ok so if I open that in a new tab one of the biggest concerns that our customers always get is you know are you actually performing quality syndication for our content so what we decided to do is to post in here an entire breakdown of the domain Authority page Authority and TLDs that we use in our network so that you can feel comfortable and so that you can know exactly the amount of firepower that you have at your fingertips with dumper you suite ok so now this will constantly be updated with anytime we add new sites but you always know exactly the amount of firepower that you have with done-for-you sweet and again this breaks down everything that we have and we hover over any of them you'll see how many sites are packing that amount of dump domain Authority and page Authority as well okay so we wanted to put that in there for you as well since again we always know that's a big concern if we are actually providing quality syndication so now you can check for yourself at any time inside of the network info page so that is upgrade number 4 upgrade excuse me update number 5 is the fact that we've totally revamped our content generation system ok so we're done for you sweet we also handle your content generation that goes along with this indication that we're doing for you so you have the option for us to automatically generate that content for you or you can turn it off and supply your content but what we've done is we've dramatically improved and totally revamped the content generation system that we have built into done-for-you suite so that we are providing a lot more relevant content that goes along with your syndication so that it can also again give you better results okay so that's upgrade update feature number five and also we've done a ton of other behind-the-scene tweaks that we've made to our overall system to ensure that we have the best the fastest and the most effective don't for you syndication system on the planet okay and these are the little improvements like upgrading our overall server for maximum speed of your submissions improving our campaign processing system to ensure that we complete your campaigns on time a much more improved campaign reporting and downloading system in case you're providing reports to your clients and much much more and one thing that we will be announcing as well is the ability for you to use sub users okay so this will be an additional bonus that we are going to be providing for all of you that pick up the agency license you will be able to start giving sub access to your vs or anyone that helps you submit campaigns and at that point you will truly be able to eliminate yourself from the process of even submitting campaigns and have your syndication completely hands-off okay and you'll be able to hire someone to do this for you so you can focus on other things okay so don't for you suite 2.0 we've made it a whole lot better as you can see by this video all right I hope you enjoyed that damn I hope you're looking forward to getting your hands on dunphy suite 2.0 seeing how it can work seeing how it can work with those bonuses in order to create this system for you that can enable you to properly make money online now really quick before we close out the video if you go through to my bonus page I've got a quick right up here just on what to expect as far as the buying process goes so the front end is there this is really what you get and the front end is really all you need to get the bonuses to get all the bonuses you do need the front end so don't feel it you need all these upgrades one-time offer number one is locking credits on a monthly basis and if you figure that that's right for you you can get it on a $1 trial one-time offer number two is done for you index a platform so in order to supercharge your campaigns unlock an indexer system one-time offer number two is done for you index a platform which just allows your syndication to be a lot stronger through through link indexing Bernat one-time offer number three is special offer for my video spy so my videos by is a platform that allows you to uncover untapped Nisha's again if you're more of a video person than a blogging person this is right for you you can target on tap niches and really use viral videos in order to get traffic to your videos one-time offer number four access to video chief is a membership site of 1200 done for you videos that you can use in order to secure page one rankings so figure out what everybody's different but this is what you can expect to be these are the offers at it that are going to be sort of offered to you during the buying process so I just went through them quickly you'll you'll find out more information as you go through the buying process but just I just didn't want you to be surprised so if you have any questions drop them in the comments below hit me up on email or my social media I do reply to everybody and if not enjoy done-for-you sweet good luck and I'll see you on the next video take care

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