Ranked from Easiest to Difficult: –

Social Media

Email Marketing

Community Groups

Directory Sites

Lead Magnets


Paid Ads

Note : This also depends on your  skills and the expertise you had acquired. 

All that growth is on the other side of your fear. Just take that step and be uncomfortable.

That is where all the opportunities are, on the other side of the table.

Never judge a keyword just because it has 0-30 searches a month ?

It doesn’t mean anything about the potential traffic.

Here’s the thing: One of my focus KW has 30 vol/month.

I got 50 visitors in the past 28 days, and my avg position is just 12.

3 things you should know: –

People often do searches in variations and not the exact

keyword that you are focusing on – You can rank on those

variation KWs as long as your content is in-depth

– Try to cover all the information you can for a given topic & you are good to go

Key takeaway

 Don’t be disappointed if you see a KW that has 10-50 searches a month.

It can fetch you 100-200 visitors/month. & that’s just from a single article.

The best part? Biggies in your niche won’t even bother because they

are onto the high search volume KWs.

Thus focusing on the above keywords will help your site grow more

and more with organic visitors and therby etting you the traffic to

your affiliate links and thus more and more sales profits on commissions!