5 ways to make money online

5 ways to make money online….

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hi guys today I’m going to make a video on how you can make money on the internet because there’s lots of ways to do it I came up with five ways one of them isn’t totally on the internet but it might be a helpful resource to you so I’m including it so I’m just going to go ahead and get started so I’m going to start with talking about YouTube because that is personally how I make money and if you’re watching this video then you know what YouTube is so if you didn’t know already YouTube has a partner program where you can place ads on your videos and that’s how you got things like a custom banner and custom thumbnails and other things are really cool for your videos because without custom thumbnails my thumbnails would be like I don’t even know just really weird thumbnails you know um okay so I know what you’re thinking how much do you make on YouTube I’m sorry but you can’t tell how much you make on YouTube um the reason is like when you sign the contract you can’t tell how much you make you can’t tell your CPM which I will explain um yeah I don’t really know why someone should explain that to me because I feel like it would be informative for people I would tell you I would if I could but the thing is I can’t you have a CPM on YouTube it’s the cost per thousand views that an advertiser is bidding and your CPM if you’re with Adsense which is what everyone starts with you can be with Adsense or network so if you’re with Adsense than your CPM fluctuates and it’s probably really really low at first like 50 Cent’s is a low CPM and a high CPM would be like six or $10 that’s a really high CPM most people I believe are in the two to five dollar range so you’re probably like why would you join a network versus Adsense but with a network you can get a flat rate CPM if that’s something that you want or you can there are networks that offer percentage CPMs next there’s a website called Opinion Outpost where you can take surveys and get paid for them this website I know for sure is not a scam there might be some scam websites out there but Opinion Outpost isn’t a scam so I’ll link it below you can take surveys and you’re probably like why would I get paid to take a survey well you know companies researchers they want to know your opinion on um just really anything because they need that information to improve their products this website also will occasionally have like a ten thousand dollar giveaway which is cool so I mean you can make some money on Opinion Outpost com just filling out surveys it’s easy you can do it whenever you want and you it’s not something that requires you know a lot of dedication like a regular job or like YouTube even like you can stop doing it for a while if you want to and then go back to it doesn’t really matter just it’s it’s easy and anyone can do it so you should check that out if you’re interested in filling up survey okay so if you’re into like graphic design or photography or cinematography or something like that you can sell your stock footage on websites like pond5.com or stock shutter comm these are just some you can google more if you want to but one that I know of specifically pond5.com like you can sell animated graphics made in like Adobe After Effects or motion or just sit still photographs that you’ve taken on the website keeps 50 percent and you keep 50% on pond5.com it’s probably different on other websites so that’s just if you have pictures that you think people would buy you can look into this more because this is something that you can do and people do do this people actually sell things like thoughts – or like website design stuff like that and next I’m going to go with building websites in general if you know how to code a website that can be really really useful because websites can make a lot of money for example whatever life.com I don’t know if you guys know about that but a girl started that making myspace layouts and she made like a million dollars making myspace layouts so that’s pretty cool you can read about that success story just like whatever life comm story I mean it’s amazing like if you know how to code a website it’s really useful if you suddenly have a spark of like whoa that would be a great website idea I bet a lot of people check it out like you never know I know how to build a website I’m not very good at it but I’ve liked taking a class on it and like I used to make myspace layouts or whatever like I mean no one goes on myspace anymore but you never know if you could come up with the next cool idea so yeah coding websites is really useful it’s kind of boring but then again it’s kind of cool because it’s like graphic designing and being creative and stuff like that so um it’s similar like you can use Adsense for it mean if you get so for example like you’ll have a CPM with a website just like you would with a YouTube channel and it’s I mean YouTube channels can get more because we can have pre-roll advertisements which are like the little commercials you don’t really get that on a website but um a website can still make a lot of money if you’re getting a hundred thousand views a day on a website that’s a lot that can add up so much okay and lastly this is the one that I almost didn’t put in here because it’s not really online it’s just kind of online there’s a website called sitter city comm and it’s for people who babysits um and it like can match you up with people in your area that you could babysit or whatever I’ve never actually used this website but my sister Vanessa has so if you do babysit this can help you find more people like if you can’t find anyone you can just check it out I’ve never actually used it but um yeah like I said my sister has and they also have like Pet Sitting on it I think so like you can pets it someone’s house or whatever so that can be pretty cool you can make some money on that so yeah so I hope you guys liked this video or found it helpful if you have any other ways you know of of making money on the internet go ahead and leave them below cuz like people might be interested or if you have any tips for like building a website stock footage if you have any information on any of that stuff leave it below so that people can read it because the comments are really really helpful and let’s let’s not spam the comments with like check out my youtube channel let’s just not do that okay okay um so yeah hope you enjoyed I’ll have Opinion Outpost in the downbar as well as I mean obviously I always put my other channels and stuff but I’ll also have like the stock footage websites and information about anything else that I talked about okay so yeah thanks for watching guys bye you

5 ways to make money online

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