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Most of these do not require particular skills, but some will, such as transcription websites. I will provide a reference to what kind of websites they are, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

In case you are not familiar with these terms, here is a quick summary:

Data entry means that you will be taking information from one place and writing it elsewhere.

Micro Tasks are several small tasks that need to be done, such as writing image descriptions or tagging content as appropriate or inappropriate. The transcript is listening to audio and jotting down a record of what it says.

  1. Amazon mTurk – Data Entry, Micro Tasks, Transcription

The great dad of all micro sites data entry / tasks, Amazon mTurk dominates the competition in terms of work availability. However, there is always work available in mTurk.

The problem with this is that there is no guarantee that they will pay you well for working on mTurk. There are well-paid jobs, of course, but it is a total luck if you find them or not on time. If you are more of a cruncher number, you can try to take hundreds of small jobs and complete them in a hurry, so the cash will add up. If you can do this, you may receive Master status, which will give you access to better and better paid jobs.

MTurk is a perfectly viable option to get into work online, and I would recommend at least giving it a try. But you probably will not make full-time salaries, so you’ll want to keep your eyes on the greener pastures.

2.Clickworker – Data Entry, Micro Tasks

Clickworker could be compared to mTurk, somehow. They have micro-tasking jobs as well as various odd jobs like surveys and data entry. The biggest difference here is that Clickworker is based in Germany, while mTurk is only available to US residents (although US residents may also use Clickworker.)

Clickworker pays PayPal, and they are also part of the UHRS network. If you want to earn money with Clickworker, it is highly recommended that you try to be accepted into the UHRS program.

3. Lionbridge – Data Entry, Transcription, Translation, Micro Tasks

Another great name in the world of microtasks, Lionbridge is another website that is affiliated to the UHRS network. Be careful because once you sign up for an uHRS site, you can not register with a different one! So read all the options and go for the one that works best for you.

Whether users choose Clickworker or Lionbridge is usually a matter of preference, but overall, Lionbridge seems to have more tasks available. I could not find the definitive word on whether or not Lionbridge was internationally available, but since they claim to be “global solutions” and offer translation, I would have to think they are.

4. DiodData Solutions – Data Entry, Transcription

To join DionData, you will need to have at least a 60wpm connection speed and be able to perform general functions on a computer such as composing email and browsing through websites. If you can pass through these requirements, DionData will give you tasks with deadlines that you will be responsible for the meeting. If you can manage your projects like that, this is a great option to make some money.

5. Tdec – Data entry

Depending on availability, Tdec may be hiring online jobs, or they may be hiring regional positions (which are based in the US). If you can find an online availability, you may also be willing to train Through webcam. Unlike some of the others on this list, however, these are the actual jobs with schedules and hours.

Data entry jobsite which pays..

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