highest paid jobs you can do from home


highest paid jobs you can do from home

welcome to a Lux calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hey ale Xers we know how many of you would like to work from home or are currently looking for a job so why not take full advantage of the age we live in and work from home in this Alex comm original video we’re gonna go through a few options and who knows maybe one of them will spark an idea let’s get started number 10 tax preparer median salary $31,000 you all know tax season so you must imagine that being a tax preparer is a seasonal job from January until the end of April that can easily be done from your home tax preparers are asked to work weekends or maybe even evenings and we can

choose the time that works best for you and for your schedule number 9 graphic designer median salary $42,000 if you have a good eye on what’s appealing to a customer what would look good together and you can draw then why don’t you become a graphic designer you can work in a domain that you want like marketing technology commercial industries and others right from your home of course you might have to meet clients but you can do pretty much everything from home such as decide on the designs guidelines conduct the research you need draw improve the design etc number 8 public relations specialist median salary fifty-one thousand dollars a PR job is to generate

positive publicity for their clients and make their public reputation as good as it gets an important part of a public relations specialist is knowing how to use social media such as Facebook Twitter Linkedin and other platforms because they are working close to bloggers journalists and media the things that you can do from home if you are a PR are preparing your materials such as story pitches press releases or online interviews number seven writers and author median salary $55,000 bloggers authors journalists they are all writers and differ and if you decide to take this path you can work from home for sure there’s no need to explain why novel authors can totally work from home

it’s kind of self-explanatory right you can write whenever you feel inspired to because it’s your story and you can publish it anytime you want that is if your publisher doesn’t pressure you if you are not an author and you go for the media side of writing you might have to go to an office from time to time but the things you can do from home are countless including research preparing your stories having all the materials ready or promote your writing on social media all you need is the laptop and you’re good number six post-secondary teacher median salary fifty nine thousand dollars since the online world is expanding and evolving as we speak it’s only normal for teachers to get

involved in this environment to post-secondary teachers are those lucky ones who can stay at home drink their coffee and tutor students through the internet they can communicate with people all over the world and give them advice using video conference phone call or email making it easier and more convenient for both themselves and the student number five market and survey researcher median salary sixty one thousand dollars in order to be successful companies are constantly trying to figure out which products sell the best or appeal most to the public and that’s

when a market and survey researcher comes in the job requires you to analyze and study market conditions for the companies in order to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and business strategies number four registered nurse median salary sixty-two thousand dollars I know what you’re thinking how can someone be a nurse and take care of people from home well it’s possible nurses don’t necessarily need to work long hours in a hospital they can also work in a medical call center doing telephone triage or help coordinate care plans and providing care assessment also if you’re a registered nurse working from home you can recruit new employees to fill open positions number

three computer software engineer median salary $85,000 commonly trained in different technologies computer software engineers are really well paid even if they work from home they usually report their work back to a team or a management structure if you decide to follow this job you will create package software and customized applications some of the certification programs to become a computer software engineer include Cisco and Microsoft training but don’t imagine it’s all fun and a lot of money statistics say that 17% of computer software engineers work more than 50 hours a week even if they are home-based so think twice about using this drum number to financial manager median salary ninety nine thousand dollars even though it might not seem possible in some cases financial managers

can do part of their work from home their main responsibilities are to oversee the finances of companies or agencies and provide financial reports if you want to pursue this job you need to know that in order to complete all of the financial analysis you must be time efficient even if you decide to do all the work from home financial managers usually have a degree in finance economics Business Administration or accounting number one physician and radiologist median salary a hundred and eighty six thousand dollars again probably as surprising as nursing being either a physician or a radiologist working from home is possible working from home will require file reviews such as completing peer reviews writing reports or authorization of course you can’t do just that so working in the clinic is

the first set to take then after you develop yourself a portfolio you might bring in some revenue from reviewing patient’s files there are of course plenty of other jobs that you can do from home these days from creating music licensing artwork or delivering web services but these ten have a strong background within the industry are you currently working from home if not do you think it’s more fun working in an office than working from home snow in the comment thank you for spending some time with us a Luxor’s if you enjoy this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you never miss another video we also hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next if you’re bored you might want to check out our website Alex calm 4 great articles or Instagram or Facebook page thank you for being in a lexer

highest paid jobs you can do from home

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