everyone this is mobile merchant so now I’ve got a new video for you guys and the app I’m gonna show you today is really simple really easy you just basically complete some very very quick and easy tasks and you can make a lot of money for this so I’m not going to go into much more depth than that and I’ll explain more in the video but before I show you that if you want more awesome money-making videos showing how to mass leave you or your income online remember to subscribe to the mobile version YouTube channel alright so the app I’m showing guys today is called pocket flip and you can see it right there in my home screen so open that up now when it loads you’re gonna be brought into this home screen where you can see a list so they’re at their list and it’s a list of different tasks that you can do and these tasks are basically just you downloading applications onto your phone and then you open them up and you just wait for like a minute you just interact with the app that you downloaded and eventually of the app called pocket flip well register that you’ve downloaded the app and that you’ve used it for at least a minute and then they’ll give you points which you can see there right now I have four thousand two hundred ninety seven points and these points can be traded in they can be redeemed and you can get different gift cards like well I’ll show you that right now so if you go to the rewards section here you can see you have to collect these coins after completing the tasks and when you’ve completed your tasks you can get these different rewards so you can get like Amazon they have different denominations so you can get five dollars for only 4,400 coins so it’s a pretty good rate and I think you like a small discount now you can get a ten dollar one for six thousand eight hundred twenty-five dollars even fifty dollars if you really wanted to and there’s even more you can get iTunes for the US you can get steam gift cards if you play games on your computer this is a great thing that you can you can get an Xbox Live and PlayStation so they basically have like the really major gaming systems so if you’re if you’re a computer player or if you plan console you can get gift cards to buy more games I guess and of course there’s also iTunes if you want to buy some more apps and Amazon you can use that on anything I use it all the time as I said before it’s really useful especially like if you’re in college like me you just get it straight to your dorm or wherever you live and you drop leg go out to the store to find things especially like if you don’t have a car but anyway so those are the rewards you can get and you can see there’s four thousand four thousand four hundred coins for a five dollar gift card and right now I have four thousand two hundred ninety seven so I’m pretty close and actually I’m going to try to get to four thousand four hundred in this video so now let’s go back to the tasks and it’s gonna load so you can see here that in this list they have different types of apps you can download and are like let go hotspot shield Zynga whatever and they all give you different numbers of points so like this one when you download it and you use it for a little bit then you’ll get two hundred coins whereas that one you get one twenty to ten sixty and I think it refreshes every so often don’t know how often but you can get more and also when you first download the app there’s a lot more so I’ve already like redeemed a lot of them but when you first got yourself you’re gonna get a lot more offers than I have on my screen right now so now before I show you guys like how to earn I download the apps let me bring it to this map here so this is supposed to like show you different tasks that you can do near where you live I guess but for some reason it doesn’t work for me even though I turned on location services I haven’t been able to get any tasks for my location so I don’t know about this but if you want to try it and if it works for you and great let me know like what you’re supposed to do here but I have no idea who stuff like I’m in London even though I am not even close to Europe but whatever okay so now let’s go back to the list and so I need like a hundred and three more points before I can get the gift card so I think if I get this hotspot shield VPN I should be able to finish it up so you can see right there you just click on it and then it says download and install this app then run it for 30 seconds to unlock this content and then you have to register or complete the tutorial if you’re asked to and you’re not supposed to switch between networks so that’s important I have to stay on the same Wi-Fi connection that you’re on because if you switch then I guess it messes up with how they track you so just make sure you’re on the same Wi-Fi until you get your points so now let me go to the start task and it’s gonna go into your Safari and it’ll ask you if you want to open this page in the App Store so open that up and then once that loads it’s gonna bring you here to the app and you can actually download that from this screen so then I’ll just press on download and then now we have to wait for it to download and once again like I said after downloads you just have to open it up and then you just wait before light I don’t know a minute I guess that once at 30 seconds but almost run a minute and then you’ll be able to get your points so now it’s downloaded and now I’m hoping opening it up and now it says here the links start a seven day trial I guess I don’t know I really want to okay so now just stay on this page and just like move around a little bit so it knows you’re interacting with the app and as we keep on doing this just wait Nexen uh I guess it can exit out I’m like stuck here alright so just keep on staying here keep on like moving around normally like there gonna be some games too so you can just play the game that they give you and then just wait until you get a notification on the top that says that you got your points so you’re right there it says a good job you completed hotspot Shield of VPN so now once you get that notification that means you’re done you don’t need this app anymore so like if you really want to you can just delete it but I’ll do that later so now I’ll just go back into pocket flip and from here it’s gonna float again and after it loads it’ll ask you to collect your coins and that’s how you can get more of the coins so I guess it’s not loading I’ll just mix it out real quick and just go back in so now it’s gonna load again there you go so now it says here plus 120 good job array you can fit it hotspot shield VPN so now you can collect those points and now you can see my balance it went up so now I’m at four thousand four hundred and seventeen points and that means that I can now redeem for the gift card so I’ll go to each of the rewards and I guess I can choose from any of these I guess from these two but I use Amazon more often than these iTunes so I’ll just get that and then you can see here to us five dollar gift card and you can use it towards anything you want so now you can just purchase this card with the coins so tap on that and it says do you want to buy the u.s. $5 Amazon become gift card for 4,000 front of credits and I’ll say shirt so now it’s loading and there you go it’s not says reward pending your gift cards getting prepared now this may take a couple of hours up to a day please have push notifications enabled so we can notify you when it’s ready so now I should be expecting this gift card all right I guess need to connect first okay well I’ll do that Oh quick all right so now I’ve connected to my Facebook account and now you can see here that in my rewards history I have a $5 Amazon gift card that I got today September 25th and I should get this by tomorrow so that’s really nice and that was really quick too it’s not much effort even though like you have to be actively using the app it’s really quick and it’s really easy and you can actually make a nice amount of money from doing this and so now I want to show you guys like another way to make or to get more points and you can see here where it says invite your friends and you can get extra coins or inviting your friends so if you know other people all you gotta do is give them your code so like that’s my code there’s like a link here you can share and if you want just give it to other people let them install and let them put in your code when they redeem and they will get 100 free coins and you’ll get it 50 percent of all the coins they collect up to 1000 coins so that’s a really good deal you can get easy 1,000 coins just by giving up your discount code to other people so if you want to you can also put this in the comments section below and you can hopefully get some other people to install the app and use your code and you can get a lot of easy coins just from doing that and actually you can even use those discount code I figured out you use it yourself too so if you have more than one phone and you want to use it to make more money you can just download pocket flip on your other phone or your iPad or your iPod or whatever and then you use this code and let me show you where use that code actually so you go to rewards and let’s just go back to this Amazon giftcard and that says right there applied discount though you can see that there so this is where you enter your code so just so you know and so let’s let’s see how other iPhones or iPods or other high devices so you just enter in so you enter in this code and then you can make more money using your other iPhone and you can also make money on this one at the same time because you’re gonna get a half of whatever your other iPhone gets so your basic making one and a half times the amount because you’re getting half here and 100% of the other one and you combined it is 150% so it’s a really good way to make some more money if you have extra phones laying around alright that just about covers everything I want to show you guys with this app if you enjoyed this video please leave a like and remember to subscribe to the mobile version YouTube channel for more tips on maximizing your income online









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