Secret of getting thousands of Unstoppable Traffic or visitors for your website or blog for Free!

Secret of getting thousands of Unstoppable Traffic or visitors for your website or blog for Free!

Do you know Traffic or visitors are the life blood of any website / blog to make profits for you. That is the reason why todays post covers the secret of getting traffic to your website or blog for free!! Recently even if you had developed a beautiful website or product or service you need to have heavy flowing target traffic to make profits, ie when many people see your website then only it get converted to sale or actionable cpa or signup etc. getting you commissions and profits but how anyone can get traffic for free is it really possible?

YES! Its definitely possible to make more money than ever below you will find the secret strategies which you can use to get heavy and huge targeted traffic or visitors free for your website or blog..

Enjoy thousands of visitors and profits from following the following techniques..

1.Get Traffic From Quality Post :


Getting Traffic is as easy for your blog or website. It all depends on the quality of Content you provide your niche readers to benefit from. This can be achieved by doing a well researched and detailed information on your blog niche.This is the first tip for you to adhere to when it comes to bringin huge traffic to your website.

2 Bring in Targeted content for your website by BLOG commenting:


Giving a positive blog comment helps in bringing traffic in many ways to your blog or website but how? it enables free backlinks and building personal branding of your product or services.. the important Rule is to: comment only on blogs when you got a good value to provide.,otherwise if you liked their post and want to comment as “good Post” you would rather share or like that post instead.


3.Guest Posting The Sure fire way to Get Web Traffic


Nowadays with article directory value being on the downside, its always the best idea to do Guest posting in other related niche blog or website. With a well crafted Guest posting you can build HIGH Quality Backlinks and also increase the credibility of your blog. Getting a Good MOZ rank, its very important to get high PR backlink and also to your other internal pages too including homepage. The readers searching for your niche will definitely land to your blog from the Guest post when they liked the content you shared which is value to them.


4.Optimzing your blog content drives Crazy target traffic visitors


SEO? Technical Jargon can jeopardise you but remember its no rocket science, its simple and easy that anyone can follow to make their website or blog get target traffic for the keywords in question. Learn more about onpage and off page SEO tactics which will give a proper structure to your blog or website. SEO involves in simple tricks like providing a proper header and alt and image tags to your site its easy and even nowdays you get plugins which help you even if you don’t have a better knowledge you can excel easily in getting the boat load of target visitors to your website.


  1. if you take part in forums and in high traffic forums you can just include a link to your blog or website in the signature with anchor text in it. people viewing your post being attracted to your signature click and land on your website. This is a valuable method to get target traffic as you be a member in such niche related forums relevant to your blog or website.


  1. Simple and unnoticed usage of trackbacks helps in bringing in more of qualified unique visitors to your blog or website sometimes it will amaze you when your track your site traffic using trakme options.


  1. Mailing List of Optin subscriber in your niche: Pulls repeat visitors to your blog for Free.

The simple and basic traditional and the method which works is email marketing and this will continue to be so for the years to come as brick and mortar are basic building blocks, website traffic depends on this method. The advantage of this method is People don’t like to miss even a single email and by creating a targeted mailing list your are on the road to riches and fortune for yourself. Once you get more prospects in your mailing list you can very often mail them and get them to read or take action and convert your cpa or affiliate offers to bring in more money to you.

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  1. Get thousand of Visitors per article. This site can bring in more visitors as you write for tutorial sites like this type of method is often overlooked by most of the bloggers.


  1. place a small widget (text or banner code) on your blog this will help in bringing in more targeted visitor traffic to your blog or website you can get them to your site which is easy than you thought just by simply adding a small code to your website which not only will help you get traffic but will make you money too. Visit: for more info on how to add adcode to your website to get free traffic easily and quickly.


  1. If you can get covered by the Media this publicise your blog and you can gain a lot of web traffic.


  1. This simple and easy method attracts huge traffic to your website. What is it?

Just submit your blog to Technorati and check the stats to be amazed to see your site getting more number of visitors which are best converting too.


  1. Join as many blogging communities or blog networks sites like blogvertise, indiblogger where you can meet like-minded bloggers and workout JV and improve web traffic to your blogs by adding links mutually on either of your blogs.


  1. Join private groups where they do retweet and promote each other’s post this is a win-win situation wherein you get decent and target traffic on your niche blog.


  1. Once you had posted your blog content and published it always Ping your blog using sites like Ping O matic this can lead to an huge inflow of blog traffic.


  1. Submit your blog to blog carnivals it’s a good place to get traffic.


  1. Start a Contest: Everyone likes FREE stuff is it not..start a giveaway or blog contest and get more real targeted subscribers for your list and you will be definitely amazed on the best response for contest.


  1. Create cool and super videos related to your niche and mass distribut to video sites and get more visitors to your site by including a link in the video for your website or blog. You can use tube mogul or hire a service provide for doing the same and enjoy more traffic as videos rank higher in search results providing you with quality traffic.


18. You can use your blog URL as signature in your email, it propagates if you send a viral message when shared by       friends and relatives,bringing in more traffic to your blog.


  1. Submit your to feed directories they can distribute your blog posts to so many sites thereby leading to increase to your blog traffic from real readers.
  2. Create a beautiful press release about your blog and its advantages and submit it to free press release sites this helps in bring in more visitors easily.


21.Advertise your blog in Google adwords, adsrapidmoney,facebook ads,adclickmedia to get target visitors for lesser amount.

  1. Advertise your blog on local television station and radio FM station where interested people who listen will just optin to see your blog posts.
  2. Offline advertising on your area local newspaper and yellow pages which will get your more visitors traffic.
  3. Create a twitter account and get followers on your niche and start tweeting your blog posts which will be seen by th ousand of followers and clicks for your blog.
  4. Add share buttons on social networks at the end of all posts which will get more traffic when people share your posts to their friens and family.
  5. submit your article to article directories regularly with a link pointing to your website in return this will make readers of your article to jump to your website to know more about their topic of interest.
  6. start a controversial topic but be very careful with this method so that you won’t regret your action how many times you had seen this type of news going on being debated by many of the celebrity fans in website this too pulls traffic to your site which can be monetized with contextual links.
  7. 28. Do ensure that your blog is listed in directory DMOZ : This is google respected directory and can easily improve your ranking in google or other SERPs overnight, leading to huge traffic.
  1. Use Stumbleupon to submit your blog or website once in a while along with other sites this will help people to find your blog.


  1. Use tags on your posts this will help in your blog post indexed in google easily.


  1. Go to important questions asked by people in sites like yahoo answers and provide solution to peoples query with your blog/website as source this brings in good quality real visitors to your site for free.. . 31. Do you know people want to be famous! Go and interview Top bloggers in your niche and post it on your blog or website., this will give more credibility to your website and even already top blogger linking your post will provide more target visitors to your site immediately.
  2. Be aware of latest happening and be the first to cover it up in your top news section of your blog this will attract reputed big sites like techcrunch to cover it later and link to you as the w it bringing in more visitors easily without you doing the hardwork.
  3. Get listed in google news which helps in bringing in more traffic for free
  4. Write post containg Images or pictures only like eg; top 7 ugly insects on earth

34.  People love to see such things and flock in to your site.


  1. ask people to bookmark your site for latter visit. Remindingthem to do so will help in getting repeat visitors easily.
  2. Write posts in relation to celebrities like what a famous actor or pop singer action taught you as blogger / webmaster.


  1. write Super killer headlines in your blog or when sending email to your list, this ticks people to view more of your site as headlines matters a lot nowadays.


I am sure you like my strategies in getting huge boatload of target visitors to your niche blog for free ensure to bookmark my site and visit again for even more free untapped methods to get heavy unstoppable traffic visitors toyour site or blog easily and quickly.. Get Free details on your email when I reveal it click here to get it FREE


I am sure your website or blog will be flooded with Traffic on using the above secret strategies.


Be the best


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