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Get Paid to Chat or Consult with Clients,

Fans, & Followers

Do you value your time?

Premium.Chat makes it easy to get paid to chat or consult with clients, fans, and followers. Simply set per-minute fees or flat rates for text or video chat. Premium.Chat is perfect for coaches, consultants, influencers, experts, psychics,  tech support agents… In fact, any individual or business offering one-on-one paid chat or consultancy services 

Get Paid to Text Chat

Video calls aren’t for everyone – so Premium.Chat also supports text-based chat, consultancy, and support services:

  • Get paid to text chat securely, from any device, with no app to install.

  • Offer text chat alongside or instead of video chat – whatever works.

  • Boost your availability and stay connected with clients – even when it’s not convenient to video call. 


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