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Video Transcript

hey guys Anthony ho with a review on explaindio 4.0 which was launched on November 12th 2018 I’ve been a fan of explained you ever since the first version came out in early 2015 as the new versions came out explainer got so much better and packed a lot of features and functionality especially in version people now with explained here you can create different types of videos including explainer whiteboard and doodle sketch videos like this one as well as full motion animation videos as you see here which are created using a premade template these are just some of the types of videos you can create an explained here you can create videos from scratch using the blank canvas or use pre-made scene templates which can be fully customized to create unique videos in a separate video I’ll cover what’s new and explaindio 4.0 but in this video I’ll give you a brief overview of some of the key features overall the user interface is fairly simplistic but you will have to take the time to learn the basics especially on how to use the timeline once you create a video project you can add scenes with a variety of elements to your project like text images 3d models videos etc you’ll find a ton of animation options to animate text and other objects to create unique videos for example this is a sketch by hand animation which is one of my favorites also you’ll notice that I’ve used the erase by hand animation and you’ll find many different hand options to choose from here is another example in which I used a couple of text animations to create a fully cool animated text with a video in the background which I created from scratch similarly here is a simple but effective animated motivational quote that I created using text animations in this new version of explaindio you can even create square and vertical videos given that explain to your 4.0 is packed with a lot of features and functionality and provides flexibility to create different types of videos there is a slight learning curve however you’ll find step-by-step tutorials to help you learn how to use explained here also if you’ve already used the previous version of explaindio which is worse than 3.0 you’ll find the new version 4.0 very familiar explained you is a desktop video question software available for PC and Mac but you will need an internet connection to access scene templates with approaches to explain your 4.0 you’ll get 200 pre-made scene templates 300 stock images a hundred Full HD background videos 800 doodle sketch images six animated characters and much more during the launch period you will get explained you at $67 per year but this price is expected to increase sometime after launch like I mentioned before you can check this video to learn more on what’s new and explained your 4.0 well hope you found this review helpful check the link in the description section to learn more about explain your form and how to get it thanks for watching [Music]

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