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today i'm reviewing a product that allows you to set up viral contests where people can earn points earn rewards uh unlock badges etc it's a pretty cool product so if this sounds interesting to you stay tuned i'm going to show you everything about it in a second [Music] hey there this is teamvideo and thank you so much for checking out my compete up review now like i said this software allows you to set up viral campaigns where people can share your content uh share your page will bring in leads for you uh all inside of one platform now if this sounds interesting to you before i dive into this review i want to mention that there is a link in the description below that will redirect you to my website here where you can also see more details about the funnel about the pricing here it starts with 37 but if you want to know what's in the upgrades also going to discuss this a little later uh you can see that on the website in the description below the link in the description and also you're going to get my bonuses uh on this page if you decide to purchase compete up through my link simply click one of these buttons before you purchase all right let me show you compete up and let me show you what this is and how it works so to get started you click on create a content uh contest and i already done that so i'm going to open an existing contest so that you can see how it works as you can see here at the left side you can see different steps that you can go through so for the first time when you open this this can be a bit overwhelming but when you know how this works it's actually pretty simple so you simply go to step one step two step three step four and step five uh and then your campaign is ready so what i'm going to do is i'm going to show you step one how that works and it starts by deciding which kind of content you want to set up so in the first place let me zoom in so that you can see it a bit better is you need to choose your contest type now you could do a contest with prizes where people can win a prize when they share your content your content so who get the most points will win the prizes and you can also do instant rewards where people unlock their batches and they get your rewards immediately now let me show you the demo campaign that i've set up here so when i click on preview you can see in here that this is my campaign and i designed this myself you can change the background you can change the price so this is my price i just did a compete up product in here as a price and you can see here batches people can win three badges that they can unlock and when they scroll down the contest automatically starts in here where they can watch a video to get two points they can answer a question to get three points they can visit your website for example to get one point and you can decide what they need to do uh inside of the back i'm going to show you how that works in a second also here at the bottom people can see the reward so these are the rewards that i've set up so when they have 25 points they unlock this reward 75 points unlocks the second reward and 150 points unlocks the third reward but if you're gonna do a other campaign let's say a prize campaign uh in this case i have both of them they can win a first prize which is an agency version of compete up a second prize which is the oto and the third prize which is the front end of the product so people can see immediately the prizes and the badges they can win or the rewards that they can win uh when they share your content there's also a leaderboard but i forgot to uh enable this campaign but there will be a leaderboard where people can see exactly which place they are and this is how it works so you can see here the timer and people are going to share this page with other people to enter the contest now how does it work in the back end it's simple here you choose the contest you select the duration so when the contest starts and ends you can change the design so this is what you see in here and as you can see here we have over three thousand dollars in rewards you can see that here that this at the right side will be changed uh when you change the text in here the giveaway contest you can see the content in here and also you can upload your image of the contest this is your price for example and you can change the background like i showed you that nice purple background here so you got everything in here also the policies you can change and this is everything that you do in step one here you can type the terms and conditions by default there will be already terms and conditions the rules in here that you can apply and enable or disable if you don't want to add this you simply select or unselect this and then it will be added or not then this is the first step the second step here you can decide what kind of uh rewards you want to add so in here you can select your rewards and your rewards can be added here so when i click on the rewards here you can see that i've set up three rewards but i can set up a new reward myself here which can be two types we can do an external url or we could do instructions if you want to do this rewards you give them instructions in here you can add an image and then once you've done that you can add these rewards in here you can select these rewards and add these as a new price so you could do fourth price fifth price you can add them as long as you set them up in the rewards in here then also you could do entries or you could do most points so here you can say for example 100 points and then you can select the price or you could do the entries also the settings in here the ribbon text over x amount of prizes to be one and then it will count up all the prizes that you have specified in the rewards here and that is the second step the third step is the instant reward so if you want to do an instant rewatch where people get a reward after they shared your content they get points so you can say okay after 25 points for example they get this batch completed front-end batch for example and the order of badges one two three you can order them in here and then the reward that is issued you can select that reward here again uh and then you can save this and then the settings again here over an x amount in rewards to be unlocked and this will be counted automatically that's the third step the fourth step is a really cool step where you can add the entry settings now when we go to the preview here you could see this so watch this awesome video to win your first two points so when people watch this video they get two points so you can specify your video in here you could you use your own url your youtube video so that people see your products so you could do your sales video or their warm-up video and here are the entry settings that you can add so you can add a question for example answer a question or choose an image a single choice list or a multiple choice list you can say okay visit our facebook page for example and then you can specify your facebook page and for each entry you can reward them with points here so you can say this is for example three points when they visit our facebook page i want to remove this one when they visit an external page when they for example here uh visit your website you can do that okay let's remove that pinterest so you could do when they follow you on pinterest they get a certain amount of points or when they pin your image on pinterest they get a certain amount of rewards the same is for twitter when they retweet a tweet from you or when they tweet or when they hashtag you or when they follow you on instagram so let's say when they do this let's say when they follow you on twitter then you simply add your username so let's say this is my my username tim underscore for dao and then you can also upload the banner to make it look nice but when we save this and we look at the preview you can now see that this extra step has been added here the twitter so when they go to twitter follow us on twitter when you add your banner in here so you can take those people through these steps you can let them follow your youtube channel you can let them follow you on facebook here uh you can viral share it you can hear a bonus what is this uh compete at least two entries to unlock this bonus so there are a lot of possibilities here with youtube watch a video submit a video subscribe to your channel you could do all these steps let's say you can add 10 steps so they can earn 10 20 30 points for doing all these steps and they can simply do that in here so when they watch this video they get two points and that is the next step in step four where you can add all these entries in here that people where people can win their points and then step five are the email settings where you have all the email settings for example when they registered for their account when they got a referral sign up they get this email uh when they have new batch unlocked they get this email you can do for example send the download link in here for a reward that they uh they unlocked a daily summary that will be emailed to them with their points so when you do a daily summary people uh will be reminded that they're in your campaign so that they're going to share more because they want to win the contest right and the only thing that you need to do is to set this up with your own smtp server so um you could do this if you have a website with hostgator or if you have an smtp service you can also do this with milgan there are free services out there but you need to use your own server so it's just click here to configure and then you can configure this in here your server smtp board username and password now i did something wrong because i pressed my command tab in here so that's the fifth step and once you've done that here the email campaign once you set this up when you save this you can preview your campaign of course and then you can publish your campaign so that your campaign is live and people can start sharing this let me go back here let me see because when you go to my dashboard you can see that in here this is my active campaign you can get your links in here when you click on get links this is your share link which you can share your campaign with and as you can see here this is how everything gets started people need to fill out their name and email address to get started and then again you will they will see everything they can do to earn those rewards and that is what rewards lee is all about it's a very powerful software um yeah for the price let me go to my website in here uh let me see where i got that here like i said the front end price is 37 where you can start running these campaigns now the upgrade here is 77 which allows you to do everything unlimited so this will give you unlimited contest campaigns unlimited contest participants at the front end is 10 000 participants additional 50 done for you templates so this is also very cool if you like to get some templates to get started with compete up well you can read everything about it but this is the one that i recommend if you get the front end and you upgrade one because of the unlimited campaigns and the done for you templates then of course you also got the agency version if you like to get agency ver uh agency access and a wide label version where you can sell this software yourself uh to get 100 commissions of the product itself and that's what compete up is all about again there is a link in the description of this video that will redirect you to my website where you can see all the details my bonuses as well to get this product and if you got any question make sure to ask them in the comments below also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to stay updated with future reviews and i would appreciate it if you hit that like button if you got some value out of this video and uh yeah i guess that's it if you have any questions make sure to ask them thank you for watching and i hope to see you in my next video talk soon bye

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  • Excite your members by running a HUGE contest with prizes (points or entries)
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  • One-click point set to determine when your badge is issued
  • ​The first contest app with gamification (points, badges and rewards)
  • Very simple intuitive prize gallery that is displayed inside of the app
  • Players will now see a beautiful built in rewards gallery

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