Mass Pitching Your Way to Press Release Distribution is For Amateurs at Least, It’ll Make You Look Like One

If you are hiring a PR pro to manage the writing and pitching of your press release, you should ask if they plan to mass pitch or individually pitch to their list. The coverage wizard option will auto- pull lists of journalists, editors and producers based on a specific beat. You have to craft a compelling message… It is not just about crafting the right words when crafting a compelling message. It’s also about telling a good story. I can hear some of you yelling, but I have to tell you, bear with me. It is very important. A good PR pro will craft a press release in the same way a good copywriter will craft a sales message.

The Release Distribution Services You Choose Will Send You Graphs And Charts That Detail How Far And Wide Your News Has Spread

The results of the distribution will probably leave something to be desired when you look at the actual key performance indicators. The reason for this is simple, the “big boys” in direct response have access to some of the most sophisticated software and statistical analysis available on the planet. They have access to the best media buyers and planners, as well as some of the best copywriters. Direct marketing is always won by “Big Goliath”. What can you do to make things a bit more equal? You must learn all you can about direct marketing, and then you must learn how to do it better than anyone else. You don’t have to write a brilliant sales letter. You have to be aware of what makes a sales letter powerful so you can duplicate it in your own way.

Let’s Start With The Release Itself. What Kind of News Are You Sharing? Here Are Several Good Starting Points

The press release is still the best way to spread your message. All press releases should be posted on the company’s website before being sent. The method of doing a press release is by fax. There are a few people on my big list of high-probability contacts that I still send a fax to. You should do the same. It’s free, takes less than 2 minutes, and can be a real eye opener for some of your contacts. There are a few rules to keep in mind when crafting a faxable press release. Do not use firearms. Double space to the right and left. Unless you send it as a scanned j, do not use graphics.

If You’re Writing Your Press Release Correctly, it Should Read as Though It’s a News Article Itself

A press release is the easiest, most organic way to thoroughly cover who, what, when and why. If you send a well-written press release with links to all relevant assets to reporters, they will have everything they need to write a story. A good PR pro will know which reporters are the most likely to bite. Do you want to learn how to write great press releases? Over the last decade, my clients have written over 100 of the very best press releases. It is completely free. You can visit: Finally… Want to get cheap and effective.

The Bottom Line: Press Releases Work, But Only When You Work Them Right

Press releases can be used to spread your company’s message and generate earned media coverage. For the best results, avoid relying too much on shiny press release distribution services that are not likely to deliver the return on investment you are looking for. Send your press releases to the media in the following ways. 1 How can you reach the key media players? There are lots of ways to do this. You can identify the players by looking at the publications they publish in and the stories they choose to run. You can contact the publications directly and see if you can arrange for a “consultant” to sit down and talk with them and show you your press release. If that doesn’t work, you can use a publication.

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If you want a free copy of our generic proposal and pricing list, click here. Now that you have read that, what did you think? Is it silly that you thought it was? It might have been too harsh. Did you think it needed to be spread like wildfire? I don’t want to waste a second asking for your opinion. I will tell you… What should you do? I think you need to read the letter to the two CEOs over and over again and think about it. You need to carefully read the other letters in the packet. You need to re-read the packet. You should re-read “The 12-Month Millionaire”.

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